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This settlement is the smallest out of all the cities in Ozoris. Not too much is known about this settlement because the people living there don't typically let outsiders in. Though seeing as their terrain is fairly dangerous to travel through, they don't get many outsiders coming in to begin with. That being said, they don't seem to be of any threat to any of the other kingdoms, they tend to be isolated and leave everyone else alone.


The terrain they live on consists mostly of swamp and bog areas mixed with a fairly thin forest, making traveling there a difficult journey. A number of deadly monsters also roam in the area, adding to the difficulty.


While they don't have an army, special warriors are born out of Aetza. Having to survive in this harsh environment, they end to be pretty fierce and deadly warriors. Most of the time they don't even need to intercept anyone because the terrain itself and the monsters living inside of it deal with most intruders before they even make it to the settlement grounds.

Large town
Owning Organization
Aetza Council

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