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Welcome to Lylia

Welcome to Lylia!

This campaign is about the exploration of a new realm, Lylia! You will need to make a DND 5e character, at level 2. Character backstory wise, the realm all of your characters come from is called Antale. It's a reneissance-fantasy setting, the world is very filled out and has a LOT of variety, so your character has a lot of room for backstory. We won't ever be going back to Antale, so feel free to make up your own cities and towns for your characters to be from! The only real solid lore of Antale is that the gods are pretty nebulous, clerics and stuff exist, but the gods are mysterious as hell, and not much is known about them other than myths.

You are all in Lylia as adventurers, exploring a realm that some wizards on Antale have opened a one-way portal to. While they want to find a way back, everyone in Lylia pretty much expects to never return to Antale. This brings a good question, why are you in Lylia? What did your character leave behind?

The only settlement in Lylia is a medium sized town named Ansi, the rest of the realm is completely unexplored other than some vague trips just outside the mountain gates. 

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