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Lyiphara is a high fantasy setting interspersed with elements of magitech and dark fantasy. A highly diverse planet, Lyiphara is inhabited with people from all walks of life. Magic, over the centuries, has taken an important place in its ever-growing cultural advancements, allowing for new forms of travel, technology, and medicinal treatments and cures.   But this world's age of peace has grown unsteady, and may finally crumble under the rising threat of a widespread and deadly cult, one that seeks to create a utopia fit to their master's image— no matter what blood is on their hands. The spreading corruption brings Lyiphara's worst from the shadows, and all that stands to maintain order in the face of ensuing chaos is The Sanctuary; a massive organization meant for the protection of Lyiphara from dangers both mundane and supernatural.   In the prestigious boarding school known as Lelora Academy, students are trained to become elite warriors and magicians, readying them as upcoming members of The Sanctuary. When catastrophe strikes, the outcome may just rest on the shoulders of Lyiphara's new generation.