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Lyiphara is a world slowly dying. As territories across the land are consumed by a phenomenon known as the "Fog", which corrupts and destroys all in its path, a period of unstable peace is finally starting to crumble beneath the pressure. Along with this comes mounting political strife, an ever-growing death toll, and the steady uprising of a dangerous cult that has kept to the shadows in wait of the opportunity to seize power over the now weakened masses.   But though hope dwindles, it is not lost.   At Lyiphara's defense is the secret society known as "The Sanctuary", an organization of highly skilled mages that influence the goings-on of Lyiphara through both undercurrent work and via their connections to powerful leaders. Along with researching ways of stopping the Fog's spread, they are also collectors of items which hold significant magical or otherworldly properties in order to keep them from ending up in the wrong hands, especially during such a chaotic time.   One such item, perhaps of the greatest importance to the organization, has been lost. But finally, over a decade since its disappearance, the artifact has resurfaced...although in the most unlikely and inconvenient of places; in the possession of a teenage girl.   Whether by fate or mere unfortunate circumstance, the outcome of Lyiphara's fate may rest on the shoulders of its new generation.

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