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Time is a Singularity and works like a line. This line defines past, present, and future and applies to all of existence! That means an individual's present is not the same as 'global' present.  

Local and Global Time

Things in the past cannot be changed!
  • Time travel to the past, to prevent X from happening, will cause X in the first place.
  • Grandfather Paradoxa are not possible.
  • A traveler, traveling into their own past, will exist there twice.

Time Traveling

A journey through time will move the point of global present:



Time Travelers

In general there is no creature that can travel through time, with the exception of the Regimenta. On the other hand, the Regidea regularly use their Millennium Congress rituals to take a look into time, and then decide what actions they should take depending on what they see there.
At first glance:
Time works like a continuous line while journeys into the future define the current point on this line. That means the future is changeable, but the past is not!

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