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Lygea (en)

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'Magic' is called 'Mysticism', and 'spellcasting' is 'animating', that's the world of Lygea. In it ALL is made of magic that can be 'animated' by all creatures, like the seven humanoid races or the bunch of animals, monsters, ghosts, etc. living there.  

General Information

© Abe Raham
Lygea is located in the center of its universe (geocentric world). Tow suns, three moons, a comet, and a multitude of little lights, called stars, circle around it. There are six continents on the lygean world map featuring various natural and fantastic landscapes.  


© Abe Raham
Everything in the lygean universe is made of magic, that is why 'the art of manipulating magic' is called something else, Mysticism. Mystics manipulate the various forms of magic, which is called 'animating'. Every living being in general is capable of animating the different forms of magic. While doing that a lot of different effects ('Animas') emerge.  


Lygea has a rather cheerful style in general, which doesn't mean in won't get really dark from time to time. The six humanoid races are anthropomorph (i.e. furries), and the general look is a somewhat adult cartoon style.   We're a team of two (an artist and a programmer), who want to use this world as a base for different media. For now a videogame is planned, but Lygea was also built for comics, books, videos or whatever other things will come to our minds.