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"When you hear a bump in the night, or a door opens when there's no one and no thing to open it, it's not a ghost. It's a Mischief. Ghosts aren't real, but Mischiefs are."
-Tatter Researcher

Basic Information


Mischiefs are completely invisible to those who cannot see Tattered Threads. To those who can, they appear as amorphous, lunchbox-sized, black, spider-like creatures.

Genetics and Reproduction

Mischiefs reproduce through binary fission, and do so once every twenty years. No genetic material is passed on, yet each Mischief appears to be slightly different from their parent.

Growth Rate & Stages

Mischiefs grow over time, becoming as large as a German shepherd before splitting into four smaller Mischiefs. They do not appear to consume food, however, and the mechanism behind their growth is unknown.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Mischiefs are almost entirely solitary, however they tend to congregate in areas where a Tattering has occurred. Mischiefs get their name through their behaviors. Mischiefs use their arms and legs to manipulate Tattered Threads to produce a variety of effects in their local area. Sometimes a strange smell manifests, other times a door will open or close on its own. Thumps, scratches, or other noises can also occur. Mischief activity is frequently confused with the activity of a ghost due to their intelligent nature. Frequently they will attempt to frighten their victims by producing anomalous effects, or they may attempt to emulate the activity of a lost loved-one to reinforce the notion that ghosts exist. Occasionally, older Mischiefs will grow violent and attempt to maim, injure, or kill their victims by triggering dangerous anomalous effects or directly attacking their victim.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Mischiefs are found wherever Tatter magicks are used.

Average Intelligence


Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Mischiefs perceive through the ends of their legs, lifting two up at a time to look around. They can attach themselves to Tattered Threads and perceive everything that Thread is attached to.
Scientific Name
Scissili malum
Tatter Denizen
Average Height
1 - 2 ft.
Average Weight
Alternative Names
Gremlin, Poltergeist, Prankster

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