The Everstorm

The Everstorm is a storm which forms each night at the center of the Sea of Wrath. The storm boils into existence each night as soon as the sun has set, and abruptly stops at the sun's first light on the sea each morning.  


The first known recording of the storm's existence was written by Giella the Elder in -210 ADE who reported having traveled to the area for family related reasons, before taking interest in the storm. Giella claims to have gathered all of the tales of the time surrounding the storm and to have written them as they were told to her in a manuscript. This manuscript has never been found, but she does say this in her journal:   "Most of the tales I have gathered tell of an ancient goddess in some way injurred by an inhabitant of the sea, who cursed the area out of anger. Usually the creature is some beast who the goddess took pitty on only to have her heart broken. When the village elder relayed the tale however he included a character not present in most other tellings: another god jealous of the attention being given to the deep dweller. This other god is actually responsible for the sabotage of the relationship between the goddess and the deep dweller. Originally the storm raged at all hours of the day, but this third figure eventually convinced the goddess to limit her wrath out of guilt. I'm not sure how seriously to take any of these stories but the storm rages on, and my time here is limited."

Regardless of Giella's interpretation of the situation in her journal it is believed that the truth is held somewhere within the lost manuscript she recorded about the phenomenon.   The storm is said to have sunk a thousand ships, taken ten-thousand lives, and lasted ten-thousand years. No one has verified these claims, but undoubtedly the area the storm rages has a sea floor littered with lost treasures for the people well equipped enough to get it. Many salvage opperations have been attempted, but none have been successful thus far. The difficulties of working with the storm's timing combined with the dangers of the waters themselves, and the intense winds that can push up waves in some seasons make any sub-surface recovery effort largely impossible.
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