Lots of places to read about, huh? Genres and settings below without stories listed are placeholders for those which either already exist and are waiting their turn for a good polish, or which have been requested by patrons! I knoooowwww, I can't wait either...I have a lot of work to do!!!   Many of the stories in Luridity focus on characters' backstories, present situations, and relationships outside the bedroom. However, you'll find a heaping helping of erotic romance here too, and despite primary genre these may contain characters from any species in the Galaxy. Each story has its own index page, containing tags, content warnings, a summary, and character/species listings so you can see what you're getting into before you start reading. If you're looking for something specific, you can also hover over the title to have a peek at their tags before diving in, or try looking through either the Character Index or Trope Index.     Can't access a story below? Over 18? Some are subscriber only! Become a Luridity subscriber and enjoy month after month of new smutty and sweetly entangled fiction! You'll get to see what's in progress and help choose which story gets next priority!


Gritty, survival of the fittest, and limited resources. Currently this genre spot also includes Owner of Underhaven stories due to the world they take place on.


Wild inventions, creative toys, and Victorian-inspired settings. Includes at least one isekai.

Wild Wild West

Mining towns, horse chases, bandits, gears, airships and steam.

Factional/Sky Wars

Plenty of skypiracy, battles among the clouds, challenging politics and sexy negotiations.

Science Fiction

Space tech! Space pirates! Spaceships! Plus the obligatory alien hunks, shameless bodyguards, and reckless smugglers...


Hackers, neon, information and data streams, mechanical implants, and augmented reality.

Other 'Punk

Other varieties of tech that exist in Luridity Galaxy. Currently the short stories in these genres/set on these worlds are at the bottom of the pile to be added to Luridity, however I can be persuaded to move them up if enough Patrons ask! :)  


Organic technology, biological experimentation and genetic engineering, and synthetic biology (androids!).


Murderous technology, robot overlords, and desperate, low-tech living.


Nanotechnology employed for construction and production, replication of nanites for good or ill or immortality via healing, and morphing of physical forms through other micromechanical means.


Twisted fairy tales, folklore and "accepted norms" gone wild.


Worlds where all varieties of humans are the hunted minority and seen as a threat rather than welcomed.


Alternate Earth, circa 1990s, but also including '80s roller skates, encounters of the sexy AND alien kind, and furries.

Contemporary Noir

Alternate Earth, circa 1920s, gangsters, crime syndicates, murder, boxing, detectives...almost always raining. This genre is pretty much exclusively reserved for Connor and his crew--which also features multiple Were-species, Vampires, Fae, Witches, and D/s action.


Cryptids, good and bad supernatural entities, and the agencies trained to deal with them.


Species who shift between full to half animal forms and human ones (part-time furries! LOL), including CatKynd, FoxKynd, Serpentians, and a number of varieties of Birbiankin and Gilled as well. The Shiftless series is currently going here, though some of it takes place with steampunk technology and involves magic users as well.
  Tiger's Catch - Novella


...Tentacles. Also featuring other less human-like species in Luridity. And tentacles.

Extranatural Powers

Superheroes, superhumans, telepaths, elementals, and "mutants" not derived from biopunk engineering. Both training and persecution exist in this genre, depending on the planet, so check the tags first.
  Relek City #1: Vigilante Mine
Relek City #2: Vigilante's Dare
Relek City #3: Vigilante's End

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