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WorldEmber 2023 Prep

WorldEmber is Coming...

Another year, another pledge!   What in Luridity will we build? What in Luridity shall we shape? What in Luridity shall we discover?   And when will we have time, between writing and revising all the fiction along the way? :D  

Week One

  For this year, I'm contemplating work on my two non-zoned worlds: Ferzona and Galvan.    


I'm almost through with my reworking draft of Tiger's Catch through my serialized fiction on Ream, but when I move the full novel over to WorldAnvil I plan for it to be interactive, linking to deeper worldbuilding articles as needed. I had started work on Ferzona during WorldAnvil Summer Camp, with the Shifter and Forsaken and Oppression on Ferzona articles, but I still need to convert some paper character sheets, creatures, plants, and locations. I think the Hunters still need an article for their species as well.  


I'm almost ready to bounce back into my draft of Truth Spark, and there's oodles of character sheets to be set up so at least I can reference them, as well. I've already done plenty of worldbuilding for Galvan's other planes of existence, as well as the chonky military conflict backstory for the series, but only one character. There is certainly more on the to do list, from military roles to special abilities, to unique (and cheerily BlueAnvil-themed) rituals...   Of course...I've been drafting up secrets to stick in to Centralvest's existing articles, so maybe I'll work on those too...but only after I've written up my first 10k words. :)

Week Two




Articles created during this event will of course have the familiar disclaimer boxes attached:
Luridity contains mature content. This article includes the following content warnings: (with any content warnings needed stuck right heeeere)
This article is a WIP created during World Anvil's WorldEmber 2023 event and may contain incomplete sections. It probably also lacks pictures and proofreading. And it most certainly was written frantically by a caffeine-fueled, sleep-deprived author. No worries--edits are a future me problem!

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6 Nov, 2023 12:43

Oooh, I am excited about both of these.   (I am more excited about Galvan than I will ever admit. Someone needs a lot more punching.)

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
9 Nov, 2023 13:28

Sounds as though you have a great plan for WorldEmber! I hope you have a fun one. :)

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