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Pluton is the third planet in the Starstones System, and, like other habitable planets in orbit around their pale green sun, it is a planet run by evildoers. Supervillains have staked their claim on every speck of land and the sea itself, territories delineated by everything from concrete walls to extranaturally formed mountains or barriers of impenetrable water walls. A few have even popped entire domes over their continents or countries, to prevent interference from others.   Visitors are discouraged and travel between regions is forbidden, unless arrangements are made by the god-like supervillains to trade "pawns". Pawns are typically ordinary humans with specialized labor skills, and do not include supes.  


Supes discovered in a region are rigorously managed by the supervillains in charge of each region. Their presence is maintained by certain power structures and, well...artful order to prevent attempts at usurpation. Once identified, they are typically eliminated or traded to another region for the following reasons:  
  • Too strong
  • Extranatural powers diametrically opposed to those used by the supervillain in charge
  • Outspoken about supervillain rule
  • Joining with other supes to increase powers
  There are a few cases where one can fit into--and otherwise staying alive in--society:  
  • Be a regular ol' human, or if you do have abilities, never use them
  • Have powers too specialized or too weak to impact the supervillain in charge
  • Come forward with and offer stronger powers to serve the supervillain's whim, before they can kill you
  • Go underground before they can kill you

Utopia? The Golden Regions of Xubriox

The most notable dome on the planet is the largest, containing an enormous continent and several western islands. Known as the Golden Regions of Xubriox it appears to contain the best spot on the planet, as its surface reflects a wealthy populace happily living in comfort and luxury. That this is far from the truth has yet to be suspected; no one 1) wants to question a self-proclaimed god and 2) no one can penetrate the dome over Xubriox's continent and opportunities to do so are fleeting and managed by Xubriox himself, so this status is unconfirmed by firsthand accounts.   In truth, while the people within are protected from massive natural disasters, that's about the only improvement about the quality of life inside the dome. Every city within its walls is crumbling in one manner or another, whether about its edges or from the center out. Criminal enterprises and violence flourish as crime families and gangs strive to claim their own territory within the dome, and this is especially heightened in cities like Relek.  
Relek City
Settlement | Dec 5, 2021

A highly contested city by the crime families who call it home, plagued by corruption, addiction, gun running, and overpriced goods, Relek is a challenging, and generally unsafe, place to live.

  For his part, Xubriox allows this to continue for the sheer amusement of it. He has only intervened once, creating a specialized virus to prevent an overabundance of supes from thriving. This event tapped much of his abilities out and due to his need to maintain the dome, it will be some time before he can do so again. That doesn't mean he can't employ other methods to address a problem with supes he deems too disruptive: Many of the top crime bosses in the region communicate with him directly, often to make deals for large purchases or new technology to be brought into the dome.
Starstone System contains a few other habitable worlds, both naturally and extranaturally. All of them are supervillain-run, and none are outsider-friendly. Visitors might be killed outright or assimilated without choice. Probably coming with an extranaturally powered army should be on travel plans--if they still dare to enter. Pluton is the third world in orbit around this system's enormous, pale green star.


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Oh I didn't see that part of the world before and it's super interesting to see how you integrate the world of supervillains with a world full of gods. And I had an "of course" moment, with realising how it all fits so well together with the weakened gods making great super humans. I like what you've described of life under there rules :D Seems very fitting and horrifying too!

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Relek City, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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