Summer Camp 2022 Pledge

Before Camp

  • Coaching Certain Peoples in Preparation for their Summer Camps
  • Read Things by Certain People
  • Edits for a Certain Person

During Camp

I, DaniAdventures, pledge to do the things for Summer Camp and not to procrastinate too much. :D Every day I will stream 1-2 hours to break down a prompt and brainstorm with other WorldAnvil writers. I will write more things for myself this summer, keeping for myself more time and space for new creating than I give away to work on others' projects. This means every day I will spend another 2 hours of my work day attending other Game of Tomes streams, specifically to write new words for new articles in progression of Summer Camp.

Creative Goal

  • Expand the Centralvest Zone to give my characters more places to live and encounter others.
  • Prepare the Galaxy for the settings I will be writing the rest of the year.
  • Return to places I've already created and continue to broaden their content.


I have stories I want to finish this year, and building out these areas will further expand the existing rules and people and places in the areas where those stories will take place.   I will be participating in Game of Tomes for July's Tourney of Tales as the leader of House Apis, and want to write many, many words to support the Major House we have pledged loyalty to: Lapin! Many words for the bees! :D  


I will reward myself one of the following for every article completed, every threshold reached, and every time my writing for myself goal is met.  
  • 1 Sticker
  • 30 minutes of Zombiessss video game - Dismantle
  • Episode of Anime

Challenge Goal

  • I will reach Copper by writing 8 new articles for Luridity.
  • If I have energy, I will continue to Silver with another 8 articles, but these can be for any of the three WorldAnvil worlds: Luridity, The Muse is Driving, or Mull and Void.
  • If I have even MORE energy, I will continue to Gold, but these 8 articles will be focused on existing worlds like Galvan (Sparked), Ferzona (Tiger's Catch), and Relek City.

Theme Ideas

There are four themes for this Summer Camp and I intend to try at least 2 prompts of each group to apply to Luridity.  
  • Centralvest Zone
  • Sectors in Cyberpunk City (Jet'l's current residence, Alex's current residence)
  • Spaceports
  • Underhaven layout and tunnels
  The Muse is Driving
  • Hypertravel
  • The Powers That Be Space
  Mull and Void
  • The Void
  • The Wealth of Common Knowledge
  • Classes - Elite, Artistocracy, Indulgence
  • Major Companies - Rule various industries
  • The Shipyard - Eros Zone - Leader in Ship Manufacturing
  • Security Structure and Mainframes
  The Muse is Driving
  • The Gob King
  • Security
  Mull and Void
  • Self-Governing Pathways
  • Wayfinders
  • Space Train Establishment and Tourism
  • Various Implementations of Technology
  • Discovery of Materials - Mining and Refinement
  • Creation of Species
  The Muse is Driving
  • Chapter 6 - New Planet Discovery and Exploration
  • Ship's Personality
  Mull and Void
  • Bubbles - small pocket dimensions
  • Underground Networks of Crime
  • People being people
  • Kynd eating Humans
  • Overlords - genetic engineering and overhauling the galaxy as they see fit
  • Walter Kristi - Telluria, Kristi Cartel, Connor's Father
  • Energy vampires - Malicade
  • Ares - Relek City
  • Pey - Relek City (addictive mind-control drug)
  The Muse is Driving
  • The Gob King
  • Security Team
  Mull and Void
  • Cryptids in a new dimension
  • The Void - consumption of adventurers and devourer of worlds

After Camp

I will schedule three days of self-care and me time, guilt-free, to accomplish or not accomplish whatever I like. :D

After AfterCamp

I will pick up the plates I wasn't balancing right beforehand, and get back to work on this year's goals!
  • Reading Moar Things by Many Peoples
  • Formatting for a Certain Person's Project
  • Revisions for a Certain Chapter
  • Publishing of a Certain Set of Articles
  • Early release of a Certain Story to Subscribers


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Grandmaster nnie
Annie Stein
6 Jun, 2022 15:39

Best of luck with Summercamp, I hope you have a great time. This pledge helped me figure out some more specific goals for my own Summercamp attempt. I'm glad to see you're going to give more of your time and effort to yourself, and that you've made room for recovery (like by stardew valley-ing!)

6 Jun, 2022 15:42

Cheers to you and all your goals!! I can't wait to read all the new things. Also, how I join your House?

6 Jun, 2022 15:47

" I will write more things for myself this summer, keeping for myself more time and space for new creating than I give away to work on others' projects."   This is wonderful to read! I'm really glad to see that, you deserve plenty of time on your own work and your own things <3 This is a great pledge! :D

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
9 Jun, 2022 15:19

Ooh, I really like the "After Camp" pledge. Well, I like everything here, but that After Camp pledge feels like something I should do too. Thanks for the idea!

Check out my pledge for Summer Camp 2022