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Last night Alex found himself in the arms of a hunky serpentian, but that warm, reassuring hug didn't mean anything, right? No way is he ready to pursue someone so imposing, especially for a relationship. Unfortunately for him, his extroverted lesbian roommates have...many, many questions.

Note: This story takes place the morning after Safe with the Serpentian.

"Look, Alex, it's really easy to make this interrogation stop. Tell us you got that big sex-in-a-suit's biocode." Nev shoved her neon orange bangs behind one ear. "And that you're gonna see them again."
  That was the question, wasn't it? Could he face Jet'l again after crying all over them? Alex shook his head, finishing up another long swallow of his nutrient shake before responding to the nosy ladies across the breakfast bar. "Honestly, you two are worse than bounty hunters closing in for the kill."
  "Well, duh. This is important." Gabbie wiggled on her stool. Alex bit back a smile, remembering the extra bouncy puppy ears she'd had on at the club. How she always had so much energy after a late night, he'd never know. "I haven't seen you interested in anyone the whole time we've known you, and you haaate being touched. You need this!"
  "When I saw that hug...fuck, I really believe something good is on the way for you," Nev agreed more sedately.
  Alex winced and lowered his gaze to the countertop. "I believed that once too."
— excerpt from Gossip Girls


Corsan Alexander "Alex"

Nev Rizno

Gabbie Allweather


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