A Galaxy Where Love is Love and Life is Lived!

So I thought: "Hey, I'll update my novels to share the same universe."   But my Muse was like: "Let's call a press conference and convince all the characters in your head--and a few other friends of mine--to live there!"   Here, in Luridity.   Now, I write their limitless genre-bending supply of sci-fi stories:   . sweet and silly tales .
. daring and dangerous adventures .
. deliciously wholesome erotica .

To top it off, those characters even let me record all their secrets and the best galactic gossip, from favorite recipes to the latest heists, from the best spaceport getaways to ancient planetary secrets. And I get to share everything those characters tell me about...   ...with readers like you.

First time? Check out the stories as sorted by Primary Setting! Each Story Index is tagged in detail so you can find out which ones you'll like most--and whether or not they are safe to read at work!

Early Access and Secret Content
  Luridity is fueled by amazing patrons, fans, and supporters who encourage me to write on, set the priority list, suggest new adventures for their favorite characters, and help fill the fridge with groceries so I can keep that real life worry off my plate and get right back to making fictional mayhem.   Read FIRST and demand MORE as part of our Luridity family:  

Sound Caution!!
Luridity has an official theme song! Before hitting play please note: Soundcloud's player defaults to full volume. Please adjust your audio so you aren't blown away by the sounds of sultry jazz. If you're going to be plastered on the wall by anything/anyone, I'd prefer it not be this particular sensual ambience. ~~Dani :D