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Welcome dear reader, to Lureaum. A collection of many worlds of chaos, and disorder. That as they say once sprang forth from the ancient pools of Chaos in the shape of a tree. And as Order seeks to arrange this world in oh so orderly fashion. It always is temporal, for like the ever-shifting of the primordial chaos, so do the minds of Men, Elves, Dragons and many other sapiens, are ever fickle and changing. For even time itself is not bound or fixed, within Lureaum. The only certainty in such a chaotic world is that nothing ever will.

And within these worlds, dwell a brave few seeking meaning, and purpose in the absurdity of it all. One such part seeks to fix a drought, while another was sought meaning the stealing an amulet for a Vampire Count's ex-wife, for such was the task the before mentioned count had given to them. And these are but two examples of many that dwell within infinite bowls of chaos.