Quarrytown was not originally a town. As the name suggests, it was once just an out of the way quarry on planet Xezzura. As Faraday Corp grew with the constant creation of new technomagic devices supplied throughout the globe, so did the need for raw materials. Soon the demand for materials grew well beyond the initial capacity of the quarry, and Faraday Corp set in a team to fix it.
    Initially, many new workers were transported to the quarry, and they built large encampments up to house them. They brought in crew after crew of builders to build a small town in and around the quarry. Workers weren’t allowed to leave during their contract, so Faraday Corp built amenities around them. Work in the early days was grueling and without end. The incoming work orders never ceased, only increased in volume.
    The workers of Quarrytown attempted to create the Quarrytown Freemasons Collective, a workforce union, but Faraday Corp crushed the QFC by ceasing all supply shipments for three days. The town had no internal means of producing food and other necessary supplies, and panic set out almost immediately. No further attempts to unionize were attempted. The people of Quarrytown are seen as exemplary employees who succeed with hitting production goals.
    The entire site was a pilot program, an experimental work-life protocol establishment. Faraday Corp pushed the settlement production quantity to its absolute maximum to determine the breaking point of the machinery and the people. Once sufficient data was obtained, they replicated city-quarry planning in multiple places around the planet.
    Faraday Corp is the largest provider of jobs on Xezzura, including thousands in mines just like Quarrytown. Most people do not know about the history of Quarrytown and others like it, only that the amazing production abilities of Faraday Corp have made Xezzura one of the wealthiest planets in the galaxy, and they celebrate their good fortune and cheer on the Magician and their mysterious ways.


In these pages, you will discover elves, demons, dimensional doors, space travel, vampires, dragons, and so much more. Lupine Bay is ever-expanding and genre-encompassing. Her stories feature a large variety of relationship dynamics and sexual preferences, including traditional and reverse harems, gay and lesbian romance, polyamory, BDSM, femdom, and multiple simultaneous partners. Some pages or stories will be 18+ and may feature explicit sexual scenes, graphic violence, significant blasphemy, and occasional cannibalism.
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