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Evolution of 'Powrie' Hunting Patterns

Hariel Ward | Flock of Fae Studies, Extermination Division | CIL Scientific Council   Powries are but one of many species of Fae, of interest today due to the curious evolution they’ve undergone over the last several centuries.   Physiology   Powries are small, even compared to the more commonly known “Brownie,” and rarely exceed half a meter in height. Their skin is bark-brown and quite wizened, allowing them to blend into forest climes with ease. They are carnivorous and possess a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, similar to Midgard sharks. Little is known about how long they can live for, but it is assumed that as a Fae species, average lifespan is far longer than that of Humans.   Historical Hunting Patterns   Traditionally, Powries were known to lurk in forested environments, near walking paths, luring unsuspecting travelers with brightly shining lanterns that every Powrie carried. After their victim was thoroughly lost and away from any hint of civilization, Powries would swarm in groups of ten to twenty, devouring their prey alive.   Modern Evolution   In recent times, loss of their natural habitat, increased education about the dangers of following lights in the forest, and escalated scrutiny in instances of Human death have led Powries to completely alter their patterns of sustenance. Powries are notable due to their ability to find hidden pockets of Underhill, buried deep in the forests Humans won’t enter. And within those pockets, Pixies still dwell.   Powries cannot sustain themselves on a diet of pure Pixie, but they have learned to take advantage of other Fae species' fondness for Pixie delicacies. They have developed methods to catch and process Pixies into all manner of food and drink* options, which can then be traded to other Fae in exchange for live prisoners, Fae and Human alike. This allows Powrie populations to satisfy their biological need to consume live meat, without the danger of traditional forest luring.
*Their most popular Pixie-based export is indubitably “Pixie Sips,” which provide customers with pure distilled Pixie magic in an easy-to-consume energy shot form.


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