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Western Breeding Grounds


Inscribed on the Occ'i Glaci Tablets as told by a Occ'i woman (aged 20) in 4434 PoSC.

  "Was the month of Te'e in my 14th year of life was I sent with my sister to the Oppugo (translated as the Western breeding grounds). As my blood cycle began, the Occ'i chief determined I was ready to g on the trip. At the time I wasn't aware of what it was, only happy to be going on a trip with my sister. My mother sent me off with tears and it took many moon cycles for us to arrive.     The men there organized us into age groups, I in the age range of 10-14, and then fought for who would wed them. They began with the oldest women, fighting brutally for each woman's hand. Then, once a man won, he would...(details omitted due to graphic and brutal imagery ). If she was deemed to have done it before, she would be sent to a large building, where she would be... used by men who came to visit.   I witnessed it happen to my sister. The look in her eyes was completely dead as her new husband ravaged her. She gave me a look that said, 'this is nothing new.' I have never been more terrified in my life.   I feel shame as I recall this, but when the day before my age group would be fought for, I stole a boat and sailed to Borea, where I've lived since then. I haven't seen my family since, as I abandoned my tribe in our time of need, but I have heard my sister has had 4 children. I can only pray one of them isn't a girl like us."


An icy terrain who's size and location is only known by the Occ'i tribe.

Fauna & Flora

According to those who have been, the land contains small grass plants and seaweed bushes under the ice. There are no animals unless you count the men there.

Natural Resources

All that is known to be there is a lake of freshwater.
Map Unavailable

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