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Humanity is known as only one people, the Quil. The Quil are split into four different tribes:  
  • the Bor,
  • the Aust'a,
  • the Occ'i,
  • and the Ori
  Humanity survives off of Ocean vegetation and meat alone, the idea of fruits, vegetables, and red meats are completely out of the question. Food such as this only resides in the Forests, which takes up 70 % of the entire world. The Forests get deeper and the creatures get more dangerous the further you go in, which is why most of humanity dares not to enter. There are legends of some humans braving the wilderness and somehow surviving, but they are thought to be just that: legends.   The Quil people usually manage to live in harmony, with the Aust'a tribe being the rulers of the people, the Bor religious and ceremonial keepers, and the Ori the managers of oceanic agriculture for the entire people. The Occ'i tribe does not live in harmony with the other however, and prefers to govern themselves.