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Luna, The Living Moon

Luna Viventum a close world of earth that is habitable, has a foothold in the form of the german empire, Imperial Germany unify in 1848 under the young bismarck and his space german master.

Luna Viventum

  Luna the living moon for the past 4 billion years of existence
Luna was formed eons ago by the collision of a planet size of mars in the chaotic era of the young solar system, the collision of theia the said planet, collision from this event caused the debris parts of early molten earth to form a ring on it and later time perhaps millions of years, created the moon, the moon or luna was a volcanic moon due to the tidal interactions and closeness to the planet at its first years of existence.
The molten luna (moon) gradually cooled down and oceans where formed during and after the late bombardment eon, that affected the inner solar system, the moon cooled down and has a strong magnetic field and an atmosphere that is toxic at first gradually change its composition, the mysterious space faring people landed on the virgin uninhabited world of luna and start terraforming it, also molding it to a natural living world, placing high tech planetary structures inside moon that keep the luna's (moon) magnetic field and a strange powerful force field that also keeps its breathable and terraformed atmosphere for ages, the generations of aliens continue to settle on the moon and the successive aliens also took care luna, ancient mars, ancient venus and faraway planets in the solar system for the duration of 4 billion years.
The Moon or Luna, is a blue moon with a patch of green on its surfaces with hazy white clouds swirling on it, the early humans on earth look to the heavens and see the living moon and admire its beauty and majestic appearance, the history of mankind is full of conflict, from the very first time that they walk upright until to the 19th century civilization on earth, humanity always look to the moon and bedazzled by its allure, they developed a desire for conquest and coveting this beautiful world.
The inhabitants of earth, they know nothing that Luna is inhabited by space aliens and space germans that control imperial germany in the mid-19th century, they interfere in earths politics for the first time in eons.

Luna Viventum, the living moon

  Luna viventum, the living moon and close neighbor of earth for the past 4 billion years
Earth's history under the reign of humanity see the moon as the source of countless, stories of prose and poetry, inspiration of endless myths and legends across the globe, the moon or Luna is a living world unknown, full of mysteries but a drive of inspiration to conquer it. The inhabitant of luna have space germans that control imperial germany's government and military.
Will the living moon be a threat to humanity? or be a friend on the primitive humans on earth?
Planetoid / Moon

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Author's Notes

Luna is a habitable world with space aliens living on it, as if they monitor earth for the past 4 billion years. In this time line mars and venus are habitable worlds too, being neutral on the astro-politics in the solar system to avoid planetary conflicts, the alien civilizations are under survailance from a far more powerful space civilization in the milky way galaxy.

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