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Kazakov Ira Yanovich

Kazakov Ira Yanovich (a.k.a. Kazzy, Kaz, Yannie )

Kazakov Ira Yanovich goes by many titles- the mechanic, the engineer, the gay snake, and the secret softie. All are true. While she seems rough-n-tough on the outside, she wouldn't hurt a fly that didn't deserve it, and tends to have a quiet, soft aura. While she struggled for most of her life on many aspects, she tries to get better and be better, even if there's down days.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Kazakov is a rather well built, tall woman. The only visible physical affliction is poor eyesight, signified by glasses. Internally, Kazakov has a weak immune system and gets sick quite easily.

Body Features

Her skin tone is dark, contrasting silver-white hair. Her hair is often kept in a high ponytail and is rarely ever let down, though it may be kept in box braids on occasion. Kazakov tends to have stiff body posture, crossing her arms and looking straight ahead.

Facial Features

Kazakov has a general square-shaped jawline with a rounded chin. Her nose is rounded and big. She has two sets of eyes, the bottom being smaller than the top, sort of slanted. Her eyebrows are affixed in a way that gives her a stoic, bored look. Her mouth is in a permanent frown, but when she does smile, her fangs will poke out.

Identifying Characteristics

Kazakov has several natural markings; the gaia/metal symbol that takes up the entirety of her back, facial markings, and the light green and black stripes on her arms, fingers, legs, and face, which is a result of being feral. She only has two matching tattoos of ball pythons, circling her upper arms on both sides. Her ears a elf-like, and both have lobe piercings and her left ear has an industrial piercing. She also has a tongue piercing. Aside from those, Kazakov has a variety of scars from battle wounds, accidents, and self-infliction. The most notable scar is on the left corner of her mouth; it's in a mostly straight line, but larger in the middle. Atop her head is curved horns, small in size.

Physical quirks

Kazakov dominant hand is left, but is overall ambidextrous. She also has a severe chocolate allergy, though tends to forget.

Special abilities

Due to being a gaia-metal mix, Kazakov has tinkering abilities and a natural green thumb. The double set of eyes enhance perception, though she usually keeps the bottom set closed.

Apparel & Accessories

Kazakov has a rugged look about her in public; leather jackets, dark jeans, combat boots, fingerless gloves. Her glasses are square-framed and a dark olive colour. Typically, Kazakov likes over-sized sweaters and hoodies, favouring comfort clothes at home and workless days. She doesn't wear much jewelry, aside from a ball python pendant, earrings, and gold-coloured rings on her horns, which is more traditional to Joix culture.

Specialized Equipment

Due to being a motorbike rider, she carries a visor that transforms into a helmet. Aside from that, she carries a badge and gun on work days, but generally has no other weapons or specialized items.

Mental characteristics


Sniper Training, Engineering, Basic Police Training, Basic Law, Mathematician, Botany


Kazakov mostly started out at mechanic jobs, slipping in and out of employment due to behavioral issues. Eventually it led to servitude in the Afoyan military, though ended up in stasis after near-fatal injuries. Afterwards, she remained unemployed until setting up her own mechanic shop in Faywall, turning it into a side job after falling into police work.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Younger Kazakov's goals were quite simple- survive school and graduate. So she did, and for a time, it was a big accomplishment. Then, it became surviving on the battle field. Which again, was a big accomplishment. Later, it became the little things that other mentally/physically sound people probably wouldn't have considered- having friends, managing to get out of bed everyday, opening up to close friends, seeking help- that became massive achievements.

Failures & Embarrassment

Generally speaking, younger Kazakov's inability to socialize and social anxiety always made her feel like a massive failure- she couldn't do group projects, she closed herself off, and everything she did she felt would amount to nothing. If she ever did screw something up, it felt like a massive embarrassment, even if nobody was really paying attention or cared. Older Kazakov hasn't felt this as heavily, but it still lingers there, causing her to be rather cautious over her words and actions.

Mental Trauma

Due to her isolationism, Kazakov went feral, an affliction that happens with Saphirians and Joix in those situations. It also caused life-long problems with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and psychosis, as well as developing autophobia (fear of loneliness) and angrophoba (fear of anger). Eventually, dependent personality disorder was also discovered, sometime after meeting Leia. Overall, most of them became manageable overtime with the use of medication and therapy.

Morality & Philosophy

Kazakov attempts to be somewhat neutral, wishing to understand both sides of the argument and how to meet in the middle, though she is rather biased when it comes to her closer friends. While mainly unaffected by small-time criminals, even sometimes sympathetic for "stealing bread" thieves, she shows a high disregard for crimes against children and young adults. Kazakov also dislikes the notion of "tough love" from her personal experience, claiming it's contradictory and used to justify abuse, and she doesn't agree with negative reinforcement, either. Regardless, she has her heart in the right place, though her execution may have bad timing or is just bad at conveying emotions. Overall, Kazakov has a "I'm trying my best" and "do no harm but take no shit" policy.


Kazakov remains in her culture's societal norms when it comes to taboos- such as not dating ones' own family, "dating" a corpse, eating somebody unless in a very, very, dire situation (such as being lost for a long time or shipwrecking on some distant island, as long as they're dead before being consumed), and committing awful crimes, etc. Despite what can be considered common sense and justifiable, she also has internalized older norms, such as Joix avoiding pursuing Anifs as mates. Kazakov attempts to get over this old taboo, but sometimes slips up.

Personality Characteristics


Kazakov's motivations come from the underlying need to earn her own forgiveness and prove herself to not only other people, but herself, about how she's not a bad person and deserves the love she receives from people. Other than that, motivations vary depending on frame of mind and mood.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

She's very good with growing plants and operating on machinery and automobiles, as well as metalsmithing. She's also good at sewing, picking it up from her mother, is a mostly self-taught bass guitarist, and is actually quite adept at singing and dancing- preferably to swing, being rather bad at most Akain jigs. Kazakov isn't the greatest when it comes to video games and tends to lack patience with puzzles, even if she could do them.

Likes & Dislikes

Kazakov has a love for snakes of all kind, but generally favours pythons, owning two. She also loves hagga- a fruit akin to a pomegranate-, rice, and meat. She prefers coffee, juice, and tea, disliking soda and alcohol. She favours the colours purple, green, gray, and while typically disliking bright colours, is actually quite fond of orange and yellow. Kazakov tends to enjoy sci-fi based entertainment, as well as adventure and mystery, but dislikes horror in general. She gravitates towards jazz, electric swing, regular swing, and alternative rock when it comes to music, though doesn't really dislike any other genre. She also loves motorbikes over cars, though is fond over her work car. Kazakov is huge into physical affection, preferring cuddling and hand holding over sex- though doesn't dislike the notion of it either. Kazakov absolutely hates child crimes and her grandfather, as well a general dislike for swimming.

Virtues & Personality perks

Kazakov is a rather charming person when well-known, dutiful and protective, as well as caring and patient towards people, especially over children. She tries to be sympathetic and open-minded towards others. Kazakov is rather dedicated when it comes to friends, family, and work, typically able to focus well in them.

Vices & Personality flaws

Kazakov is unintentionally dominating and intimidating, struggling to interact with people normally. She also tends to fall back on animal-like behaviour when being defiant or obnoxious. She's also rather self-critical and self-punishing semi-frequently, which had resulted in self-harm and suicidal thoughts/attempts in the past. She gets urges to bite something when anxious or angry, taking it out on her tongue, lips, or fingers.

Personality Quirks

When listening to music and not spoken too or acknowledged for a while, Kazakov will begin to quietly sing along. While she's focusing on something, she'll stick her tongue out or bounce her leg. When frustrated or impatient, she often pinches the bridge of her nose and sighs deeply. She often covers her mouth if she laughs.


Due to her side-job in dealing with automobiles, Kazakov has a permanent fuel and grease smell about her, but keeping plants around the house and working with them also give her a flowery plant smell as well. She tends to shower on a normal basis regardless. While her room is a mess of clothes, the rest of the house is typically clean. Her workshop/garage is cluttered with metal scraps, car parts, gears and cogs, and other welding materials.


Contacts & Relations

-------------------- Friend Groups: The Outcasts / Sunshine Rays / Diamondship / Band of Sisters / Hardwired to Self-Destruct / Clearer Skies / Bad Cop Good Cop / Thunderstorm /   Relationships: Mended Hearts / Sunshine Python

Family Ties

Known Family: Dyatlov Yanovich [Birthing Mother] / Azarova Yanovich [Mother] / Kutikov Yanovich [Little Sister] / Pentski Yanovich [Grandmother] / Parshan Sangilak [Aunt] / Filya Sangilak [Niece] /

Religious Views

Not devout, but certainly knows the deities exist.

Social Aptitude

Normally, Kazakov is socially reclusive and likes to observe in public situations. Sometimes she'll butt in with a advice or her opinion, but otherwise prefers to stay quiet. Though, on occasion, if a woman flirts with her, she tends to flirt back. She's also protective over children. In a friend group, Kazakov can be rather perverse and sarcastic. She's more likely to speak her mind, make jokes (usually about herself), and tends to cuss a lot.


Kazakov hardly moves when she talks normally, though her gestures tend to be more pronounced when acting sarcastic or loud and shrugs when talking about possibilities or using rhetoric questions. Some of her gestures are childish, such as sticking her tongue out at a friend or mimicking their words in a whiny voice. When annoyed, Kazakov tends to hit higher octaves when pronouncing certain words.

Hobbies & Pets

Kazakov makes metal sculptures and jewelry to sell on the side. She also plays bass guitar when she's bored or having trouble sleeping. She owns two pet snakes, Kirilka and Sputnik, and a cat, Roku.


Her voice is actually quite deep and she has a thick accent, akin to some version of Russian. She hardly ever raises her voice, either. Kazakov has broken Fepsuin, omits words, and sometimes switches back to her mother language when forgetting words or phrases. She has a stutter when nervous, mixing words up or mispronouncing them. Kazakov also cusses quite frequently, though tends to clean up around people who are young or she's never met before.


Kazakov Ira Yanovich

Firstborn Daughter (Important)

Towards Dyatlov Dmitriy Yanovich



Dyatlov Dmitriy Yanovich

Birthing Mother (Important)

Towards Kazakov Ira Yanovich



Nicknames & Petnames

Dyatlov uses mother-child nicknames (i.e. honey, sweetie, etc), but also uses "Kazzy" quite frequently.

Wealth & Financial state

Kazakov isn't very wealthy, generally middle class. However, she understands how to run a business, having one on her own.

Current Location
Year of Birth
3078 (41 years old)
Juqlor, Akai
Current Residence
Faywall, Afoya
Biological sex
Poly-Homosexual / Poly-Homoromantic
Gender Identity
Agender ; She/Her
Gray-Green, Almond (Top) / Slanted (Bottom)
Long, Curly, Silver-White
236 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
“Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember all in therapy.” /   "I’m not gonna kill you, I'm gonna beat you until can't breathe." /   “Sova (Aitherius) is fine. He’s finally worked stick out of ass, but now beating people with it.” /   “It’s early. Somebody better be dead.” /   “Bite me.” /   “Moooom, Waya is being lil’ bitch.” /   “Is not request, is demand.” /   “I ain’t scare. I ain’t scare of no things.” /   “...good story, Kazzy.” /   “Come the fuck on!” /   “Does it look like I give diddly-damn? No, I diddly-don’t.” /   “I’m not at liberty to say.” /   “Legally, can’t say yes. But yes.” /   “I disagree.” /   “It’s me, big disappointment.” /   "World is small. Small and cruel." /
Aligned organization
Phoenixia Empire
Known languages
(Jaqlar) Oupari - First Language; Proficient / Dorasay - 2nd Language; Proficient / Fepsuin - 3rd Language; Broken / AFSL* - 4th Language; Can Understand /

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