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16 Spring, K3119

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Within a far away galaxy named Adastreia, a misty, purple swirl, and within the solar system by the name of Stella, there's two sister planets named Lumeria and Argatha that orbit their moon, Oythea. Lumeria was created by deities known as Cosmos, who created the core of the planet, Trumere. Trumere keeps the planet alive, enabling a world for people to live on and thrive. Lumeria is a slightly big planet, mostly water, with three major land masses and tiny islands. There are a few races of people who work together to keep Trumere happy and healthy, learning to mix technology and nature with the help of elemis, a certain kind of magic. The people aren't far off from humans, but are certainly different as well, varying in shape, size, mindsets, and culture. While they may be well into space travel, they prefer their planet, and will defend Lumeria however they can.

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  • Map of Map of Lumeria

    A complete map of Lumeria. Not to scale.