Lumenos The Eastern Reconquest
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The Eastern Reconquest

Military action


Starting in 950 CE the Federal Republic started to invade the Gnome, and Orc cities to the east of the Captial Region. The conquests would go quickly until the army got to the Bridged Peaks, the Rose Citadel (modern-day Mayim's Gate), and the Free Gnomish City. These three areas took the Federal Army a long time to take if they were able to. The siege of the Rose Citadel took 10 years. It was not until the Federal Army was able to take the Bridged Peaks and fully siege the Rose Citadel from both sides that they were able to breach the walls. The Free Gnmoish City was never taken, after 16 years of a siege, the city showed no signs of wavering so upon the fall of the Rose Citadel the Federal Republic called it a victory and left the Free City.

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