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The Talisman of the Court Mage


The talisman was created to look like the official seal of the Court Mage. An arm reaching upwards with hand outstretched and the tips of the hand's fingers being struck by two bolts of lighting. The symbol of the Court Mage was made out of amethyst and was attached to an obsidian chain neckless. Over the years each Court Mage would put small ruins into one of the chain links, giving is magical powers and effects. The last Court Mage Esméralda put ruins on the final link of the chain. There was some small discussion about if a new chain should be forged but the Dynasity ended before that could be done.


The court mage of the Glimmer Dynasty was the highest ranked adviser to the king. They would always be by the kings side at important discussions, events, and ceremonies. This was for the protection of the king, as well as, for the mage's advice. The talisman of the court mage signified that they were the second in command of the kingdom. Anything that they said was to be followed immediately. Over the years each court mage would give small amounts of magic to the talisman by inscribing ruins on one of the chain links. The last Court Mage Esméralda would inscribe ruins on the final link of the chain. Historians attribute some significance to the chain and the life of the Glimmer Dynasty, some have even gone so far as to say Esméralda caused the Human Plague by completing inscribing on the last link. By the time the Glimmer Dynasty ended it was said that the talisman was so powerful that is allowed the last court mage to direct the very flow and essence of magic to her will. Since the disbandment of the dynasty the talisman was lost, though not for a lack of trying. Many adventurers, collectors, and litches still hunt for it.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Current Location
Related ethnicities

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