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The Human and the Heart


As Mayim's war against the gods continued and the Glimmer Dynasty kept expanding the High Priestess placed a Bishop in the new city of Mayim's Gate. This Bishop was quite ambitious and dreamed of being remembered and having a place of honor in the High Church. He looked far and wide for a chance to prove himself. It finally came to him in a dream. He would construct the most wonderous temple in all of creation. He sent letters far and wide to builders, mages, craftsmen, and artists they all came in droves. The Bishop spend thousands of gold crowns setting the groundwork and thousands more on its completion. The whole project took thirty-three years to complete. The Bishop was growing old at this point but the temple was complete. He quickly sent word to the High Priestess. They were impressed and took this Great Temple as their own. The Bishop was elated and then turned to the High Priestess expecting his reward. The four priestesses thanked him and then sent him on his way. The Bishop was confused and angry in a fit of rage he called out to the heavens and hells demanding recompense, saying that he deserved this! The sky grew dark and thunder clapped in response. A small demon, a Quasit, appeared holding a purplish fruit. The Quasit said with a smile; Eat this and in exchange, I will grant you your desire. You will get recompense, you will get what you so rightfully deserve The Bishop took the small purple fruit and immediately ate it. The Bishop grabbed his heart and called out in pain. The Quasit smiled then vanished. Standing their stunned the Bishop did not know what to do the pain in his heart was almost unbearable. He looked to the heavens and hells once more and called out for help. The sky rumbled and lightning cracked before a voice rang out; You struck a deal with a demon and now wish to undo it. Suffer this pain or your... reward will be forfeit. Call out to me again and I will end this pain for you. Walk with it and you shall have your place in history. The Bishop started to walk towards the Great Temple crying from the pain. As he arrived the High Priestesses looked at him with pity but said nothing. The Bishop went on like this for two weeks before calling back to Mayim begging her to stop the pain. She sent down a single bolt of lighting that killed the Bishop. Since the Bishop begged Mayim to take his curse she created a new punishment for him. This story is told to every generation but still, no one knows the name of the famed Bishop.

Historical Basis

The Great Temple construction was started following the founding of Mayim's Gate and was proposed by the Bishop of the city. The construction took thirty-three years and following its completion the High Priestesses moved there full time. What happened to the Bishop after the completion of the temple is still unknown no records of his life or death after that exist. About two years later there was an Archbishop appointed to the city though.

In Literature

Many books and children's stories have been made about the Human and the Heart. Most focus on the moral of not challenging Mayim or her servents. It teaches that only pain will come from it.

In Art

There are some paintings and statues inside of Mayim's Keep that depict a Bishop holding a fruit or clutching his heart. In each of these, it is said that if you look at the right time you can see a small Quiast smiling next to him.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Date of First Recording
372 eh
Date of Setting
100 - 200 eh (supposedly)
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