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The Creation of the Stars


When just the creator gods filled the void of space Vulcan longed to create. The first to have this desirer he placed stars in the sky. Large balls of light to spread fire and wonder throughout all of space. One by one he placed them in the night sky. However, Dalilu Hewa grew jealous. Vulcan was creating monuments of fire and light while Dalilu had nothing. Dalilu went around and blew out the stars. The night sky was once again dark. Dalilu made the stars cold and covered them with ice. Vulcan tried and tried to warm them and rekindle life but was unable to. Terrathal came to Vulcan's aid. Terrathal ate the dead star and warmed it with his core. Once the star was warm he expelled the star out, allowing Vulcan to reignite it. Once Dalilu was finally killed Terrathal was no longer needed to swim through space and eat stars. Terrathal settled down next to the brightest star and a deep red gas giant. In honor of Terrathal's help Vulcan would name the star Lumen or light in honor of the light that Terrathal had returned to the sky.

Historical Basis

Due to the event taking place before known life it is hard to say if it is true. Followers of Sudon, Vulcan, and Terrathal all claim it is and state that their gods confirm it as well. The Dead Cult, followers of the dead Dalilu Hewa, also claim this myth is based in truth.

Variations & Mutation

The Dead Cult claim that Terrathal ate the star and was still unable to warm it so, Vulcan went to Dalilu Hewa to make a deal. Dalilu agreed, knowing that Terrathal and Vulcan were going to make life Dalilu agreed to let Vulcan relight the stars if every inhabited planet would have ice covering its polls. Vulcan agreed and thus the polar ice caps now exits on Lumenos.

In Literature

Children stories surrounding the fight of good and evil show this story as a fable of good working together to overcome evil. It is largely seen in lower class stories, as the upper class generally do not teach their children to work together.

In Art

Both the church of Vulcan and Terrathal have art depicting the eating and relighting of stars. The Grand Temple of Vulcan has a star room. During the day this room has the roof closed and on it Vulcan and Terrathal are painting the stars in the sky, during the night the roof retracts and visitors can star watch.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Date of First Recording
First recorded during the Era of the Elders / Era of the Gods
Date of Setting
Prior to life on Lumenos
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