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Panthean Funerary Rights


When someone dies their body is brought to the nearest priests of Amero. The priest then prepares the body. Flammable scented oils are rubbed across the skin and any nonflammable materials are removed. Friends, family, and other people who cared for the deceased will then attend a burning ceremony. The ceremony's location will depend on what deity the deceased worshiped, however, all ceremonies will be lead by a priest of Amero. The start of the ceremony will be a short speech from the priest of the deceased's church. Then the priest of Amero will light the body on fire cremating it. Once the body has turned to ash the last will and testament of the deceased will be read as the ashes cool. Finally, the body will be placed in an urn and given to the deceased's church for final rights. The urn will be brought to the church and decorated, displayed, and tended to in accordance with the church’s teachings.   While most churches have their funerary ceremony within one of their buildings the Three Lovers – Ados, Sudon , and Krutia – bring their dead to Lake Teardrop. Ever since the days of Nada and The Day the Gods Cried this sight had been the final resting place for the followers of the lovers. The deceased will be placed onto a wooden raft surrounded by symbols of their god – gems and contracts that person made if they were a follower of Ados, their spellbook or other books if they were a follower of Sudon, and their weapons and armor if they were a follower of Krutia – the raft would then be sent out onto the lake. Once the raft reached the center of the lake it would be lit of fire. The longer the raft remains afloat the better a person the deceased was.   For the Waterfolk people this tradition is also different. All churches to Amero are build around magma pools (small areas where air has been trapped above a pool of lava). When someone dies they are brought there and the bodies are cremated using magma. Most Waterfolk churches will use obsidian for the urns rather than the differing materials of the Southern churches.

Components and tools

For the cremation ceremony an urn created by the deceased's church, scented flammable oils, a cremation flame from the Church of Amero, the deceased's will, and an alter or raft depending on the deity. Those are the only required materials, however, most will also have religious artifacts, holy texts, icons, and other items to show how faithful one was during their life.


There are three participants in this ceremony. The priest of Amero, the priest of the deceased's church, and the deceased themselves. Friends and family of the deceased are welcome to attend, and most do even if they only knew the deceased for a short time. Only the priest of the deceased's church and the deceased will be present when the urn is prepared and displayed. Once the urn is displayed, however, anyone is free to visit it.
Current Date - 20th of Heaven's Heat in the Year of Sword and Flower (1493 ce)
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