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Naming Ceremony


When the child hatches or is born a priest of Mayim is sent from the closest church. The priest will bathe the child and send a small amount of lighting through them in order to purify them. The water purifies ones body and the lighting purifies their soul. Once purified the priest will offer the first prayer for the child and ask that for the next twenty years that Mayim not look upon them. The ceremony ends with guardians of the child giving them a name and the priest creating a first entry in the Book of Records for them. Once the child's name is in the Book of Records they may start their life under the protection of the High Church.

Components and tools

A small stone tub filled with holy water is used to bathe the child. While still wet the priest will use a small wand to send low levels of lighting through the child. A black cloth is then used to dry them off. A copy of the Book of Records is needed for the priest to record the name of the child and the first prayer.


The child, guardian(s), and priest are present for the whole ceremony. Friends, family, and loved ones are encouraged to attend the naming and first prayer section. The more people in attendance and praying with the priest the more the prayer is worth in the Book of Records. Most will have a small gathering afterwards to celebrate further, generally including food and drink.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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