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Material Characteristics

This metal is white with a silver tint. In the world, it appears as a reflective white ore that can be found in Mount Glimmer and the Eastern Wall. Once mined you can see silver sparkles coming from it. When polished it is possible to see one's reflection in the metal.

Physical & Chemical Properties

There are two highly distinctive properties. The first is how easy it is to enchant this metal. Compared to steel or Mithril it takes 75% less time and recourses to enchant. The second property is when mining this metal it releases an incredibly strong radiation. This radiation is a form of Alpha Radiation (though it has not been studied at length).

Geology & Geography

There are three locations that this metal can naturally be found. Mount Glimmer, the Eastern Wall, and the Central Corridor.

History & Usage


During the Era of Humanity, anyone found guilty of a crime was given a sentence of forced labor. This labor was the mining of Mercurarcan. While records are incomplete it is estimated that around 50 - 60 thousand people - members of every race but Human are among that number - were killed in the efforts to excavate this metal. In more modern times the Federal Republic has kept the practice going of anyone sentenced to forced labor is sent to the Eastern Wall mines in order to excavate the metal. Due to the strict control of Federal records, there is no way to confirm the number of deaths by the Federal Republic it is estimated at 30 thousand people - members of every race but Dragonfolk are among that number.


Trade & Market

The Federal Republic is the largest producer and user of Mercurarcan. Almost no other nation allows the use of Mercurarcan.


Mercurarcan is stored in Federal Guild storehouses, generally maintained by the Federal Guild of Miners or the Federal Guild of Armorers, Weapon makers, and Metalworkers.

Law & Regulation

Trade, ownership, and use of Mercurarcan is illegal in most nations. The exception is if you owned an enchanted item of Mercurarcan.    Inside of the Federal Republic, the smelting, mining, and smithing of Mercurarcan is highly regulated and controlled. The uses of Mercurarcan is still legal and in some cases promoted in the Federal Republic.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce


3 gp per 1 lbs
White with a silver tent
Melting / Freezing Point
27.7 g/cm3
Common State


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