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Mayim Funerary Rights


When someone dies their body is brought to a priest of Mayim. The priest will over see and prepare the body, internal organs are all removed and preserved inside the walls of the coffin. After all internal organs have been removed a low level of lighting is sent through the body to purify it. The body is then cleaned with water and wrapped with cloth. The internal organs get placed in small boxes lining the walls of the coffin - nicer coffins will have stylized depictions of each organ on the door but this is not required. The reason for removing the organs is to make the reincarnating prosses easier - someone reincarnated in heaven, hell, or even back on Lumenos will not need these organs but rather new ones. Once the body has been completely prepared the coffin will be lowered into a grave sight. Only three days after burring is completed is the family and friends of the deceased allowed to visit, this is normally when a small gathering is held in the deceased's memory. The three days is to allow the soul of the deceased to be judged and for the priest to get word of this judgement to pass on to the family.

Components and tools

Funerary tools are used to remove the internal organs safely and correctly. Holy oils and other preservatives are the used to prevent their decay. A coffin is required, with side boxes to store the organs. The priest will use holy water and lighting - generally from a wand - in order to purify the body. A grave sight is also needed to place the coffin in once the funerary processes is done.


The priest is the only one to oversee the preparation of the body and then they are joined by a deacon for the burying of the body. Once burred and after the three days have passed the family is welcomed into the graveyard to morn or celebrate, depending on where the soul went. The priest will be the one to inform the family where the soul has gone.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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