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High Sisters


Upon the death of one of the four sisters a representative is sent out to find a chosen girl. This girl, normally around 10-14 years old is brought back to the High Church where she is inducted into the sisterhood. The prosses is unknown past that.


The Speaking Sister is responsible for representing the sisters to the world. She tells the orders of all the other sisters and the wishes of Mayim.  The Listening Sister is responsible for overseeing the Order of Lost Souls, the priesthood, and the prosses of confessing. The Seeing Sister is responsible for getting visions from Mayim and transcribing them into prophecy. She is the keeper of the Book of Records and the Book of Prophecy. The Lighting Sister is responsible for the destruction of those who would fight against the church. She oversees the High Inquisition and the League of Storm.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Each Sister has traditional dress that they wear. The face and skin of the Sister is always covered completely when in the presence of others. The Speaking Sister wears red cloth with a gold crown. The Listening Sister wears black cloth with a gold crown. The Seeing Sister wears white cloth with an iron crown. The Lighting Sister wears gold cloth and a golden crown.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

No Sister has ever been removed. The only way to leave the post is through death.

The Speaking Sister


The Lighting Sister


The Seeing Sister


The Lighting Sister


Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Religious, Beatified
Form of Address
Her Holiness
Alternative Naming
The Sisters
Equates to
All four sister collectively equate to the Pope. The Speaking Sister equates to a missionary. The Listening Sister equates to a confessor. The Seeing Sister equates to a prophet. The Lighting Sister equate to a crusader.
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Related Locations
Related Organizations


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