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Heaven War


The Heaven War is dived into four main stories - Death, War, Creation, and Imprisonment. While this was not the start of life it was certainly the start of life as anyone knows it. Before the war, the deities would walk among the mortals in avatar form. The angles and other members of the heavenly host would aid mortals with much of their daily lives. Once Dalilu died and war broke out everything was changed. Lighting rained from above and the seas began to freeze, storms raged above, and the sun was only visible when it could fight its way through the overcast clouds. Upon the end of the war Vulcan God of Fire and King of the Pathon took all those who did and would support him into the heavens. He sealed the gates to bar any member of the pantheon from leaving or entering. Mayim Queen of the Hells was cast down into the hells where she would rule. The only members of the divine host left on Lumenos were a single representative of each of the deities. Though this has even faded into mythos now. In modern times the deities answer in their cryptic ways when possible, only summoning mortals to them in extreme cases.

Death of Dalilu Hewa


Dalilu Hewa's Avatar


Little is known as to why Dalilu Hewa challenged Xuanwu to a duel but they did. The two creator deities fought for four days and four nights. The wind whipped around the planet and the ground was violently shaking as the two deities fought. All other deities stopped and watched. Vulcan and Mayim stared at one another waiting for the other to interfere. The mortals on the planet all took over and prayed to their choice of deities until finally Dalilu's power gave out. In a final strike Xuanwu finished the avatar. With one only avatar left Dalilu was forced to retreat from Lumenos out of fear of being destroyed permanently. This retreat forced an angle of Dalilu to take control of the air and Mayim to fall into a rage. With the loss of her closest ally, and at the hands of the deities of good no less, she vowed to destroy them.

Heavens War


Keeping with her vow Mayim appeared in the Heavens with a legion of devils. She blasted the gates open and invaded. Many smaller or outer deities were killed in this first assault. The forces of Heaven were finally able to muster and push Mayim and her invaders back to Lumenos. This war raged for years battle after battle. The deities were forced to walk among mortals in order to protect them. Within the walls of The Duchesses’ Crown Ados, Sudon, and Krutia made their homes. The Three Lovers would be attacked by Mayim and her forces. While The High Church of Mayim teaches that the Three Lovers were killed most other church teach that the three were wounded and forced to pull back. Krutia in an attempt to protect her lovers stayed and fought Mayim in a duel before retreating herself. At the peak of the war mortals and lesser deities were brought in to aid in the fighting for both Mayim Queen of the Hells and Vulcan the High God.

A section from the Holy Book of Vulcan

Now war arose in heaven, Vulcan and his angels fighting against the giant. And the giant and her angels fought back, but she was defeated, and there was no longer any place for them in the Heavens. And the great Giant was thrown down, that ancient force, who is called the devil and Mayim, the deceiver of the whole world - she was thrown down into the deepest part of the Hells, and her angels were thrown down with her.
— The last page of the Holy Book of Vulcan, The Sight

Creation of the Sun Sword

The Command

The Command
The Command is an oil painting that hangs in the Grand Temple of Fire within the city of Igmal


When it was clear that this war could continue forever Vulcan called upon his most loyal paladin for aid. Inside the forges of the Sun Citadel Paladin Io created a sword. Mayim's war against the gods was reaching its climax and the deities were being destroyed. Vulcan tasked Io with creating a sword that would defeat Mayim. Io sought out Rumos for help. Rumos taught Io how to forge the greatest blade in existence. Io returned to the Sun Citadel and created the blade. Presenting it to Vulcan, Vulcan smiled. He took a section of his hair and wrapped the blade in it. Vulcan's hair melded with the blade and he explained that whenever the welder is in danger the blade will erupt with divine fire. The fire would be so strong it could cut through anything, even divinity. Vulcan then sent Io forward blade in hand to defeat Mayim. The battle ensued and Io was able to corner Mayim raising the blade Io chose not to kill her. She carved her powers of lighting, the sea, and storms away from her. Mayim was left with only her powers over the hells. With her loss of power Mayim would quickly be defeated and forced into the hells. Io returned to Vulcan. In honor of her work Io would be given control of the sea, storms, and lighting by Vulcan. Io from this day would be giving divinity, as well as, the honor of holding the Sun Sword. The Sun Sword now rests deep beneath the waves ready to resurface if evil ever tries to return.



Once IO carved the powers of the sea and storm from Mayim she was forced to retreat into the hells. With her now back in the hells the deities of good were able to capture or kill the remaining deities of evil. Those who were captured were thrown back into the hells with Mayim. The hosts of angels and other agents of the deities held back the evils of the Hells as the deities retreated into the Heavens. Once in the Heavens the gods created crystal spheres to surround Lumenos, the Hells, and the Heavens in order to prevent any deity, good or evil, from returning. Before sealing these spheres each deity sent an avatar to Lumenos to guide and aid their followers. This day would forever be known as the withdrawal. It was not until after the spheres were sealed that the deities of good saw that the four most loyal followers of Mayim sent avatars as well to Lumenos. These avatars would create the first four humans, the High Priestesses of Mayim.

The Sun Sword

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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