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General Linguistic Information

Largly Outdated

Root Languages

  There are many languages across Lumenos, however, only four of them have independent scripts. These four languages are the root languages for all the others.  

Ancient Dwarvish

Speaking - This is a dead language   Writing - A rune system where each word has a rune that corresponds to it. Writing is done by places each rune one after another from left to right. No special rule exists for writing that does not exist for speaking. Any time a sentence ends a line " | " is placed to signify that it is the end of a thought. If the sentence is a question it uses " \ " and if the sentence is incomplete or interrupted " / " is used.  


Speaking - A tonal language where there are only eight syllables that every word uses. There are numerous tones that can apply to these eight syllables though. The sound of Celestial is very close to singing.   Writing - The writing of Celestial matches the smoothness of speaking it. Each sentence appears to be one painted unit. If you do not know what to look for you will not be able to tell where one letter starts and the other ends. Each letter has rules on how it can connect to other letters and what letters affect this connection. There are 29 letters in total. Words are not always separated but the end of sentences are divided.   

Deep Speech

Speaking - Few ever hear Deep Speech but for those that do, it is normally unsettling. The language uses guttural growls and screaming to communicate ideas. The language is hard to speak outside of caves as it uses the eco of sound in delivering intent and effect when speaking.   Writing - A set alphabet consisting of fifty letters with no accent marks. The alphabet is set that each spoken sound has a mark that symbolizes it.  


Speaking - Each element has its own dialect of Primordial - aquan, auran, ignan, and terran - but all can understand each other if given time. The sound of the language resembles the element of the dialect.   Writing - There is no established form of writing Primordial. Users rely on pictures and images for written communication.

Successor Languages

The following are languages that come from Root languages.  


Speaking - Slow and methodical each sound of Giant is spoken and given space to be heard by others. There are no abbreviations of any kind in speech or text. Much like Primordial there are many dialects of Giant - storm, cloud, fire, frost, stone, hill, and lesser. Each one can be understood by the other on a general level, however, complex topics will get lost in translation.    Writing - A set alphabet consisting of twenty six letters with no accent marks. It is customary for individuals to create their own character (generally a small picture or combination of letters) to represent themselves.    


Speaking - While Orcish is sharp (quick increases in tone and volume) it is also quite smooth. The end of one sentence and the start of the next can barely be heard by nonspeakers.   Writing - ???    

True Draconic

Speaking - This language was only speakable by dragonkin - wyverns, full dragons, Elder Dragons, Dragonfolk, etc. This is mainly because of the sounds required. Like the ignan dialect of Primordial most words are short and sharp sounds - similar to the P, T, K sounds. This language was seldomly spoken to non dragonkin since these sharp sounds would emit small amounts of elemental breath as they spoke.   Writing - Like Celestial True Draconic is written with great fluidity. The claws of dragonkin never need to lift up until a whole thought or sentence is written down. There are the same 29 letters as in Celestial, however, True Draconic replaces any curves with sharp edges and lines.   

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

General Linguistic Map


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