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The Fulcrum is a loosely connected group of bards, caravan masters, and other travelers. These travelers collect news, stories, and information from each place they visit and share this information with other travelers. There is no official head or structure to the Fulcrum, instead, a current traveler will bring new ones in as they see fit. Communication between travelers is rarely done in person, given how few there are and the distance covered, rather travelers are taught how to cast the Magic Mouth spell. The information will be given to stones or other common objects and won't tell unless shown the symbol of the Fulcrum. This allows travelers to hear the news and tell others about it in towns. Most travelers will charge a small fee for the news. Though this is normally paid by a tavern keep or mayor so the traveler will stand in the town square or taproom and tell stories of far-off places. The small fee is to keep the traveler going and to help train new ones.


Travelers pride themself on being the heralds of truth. They are the most well traveled and culturally knowledgeable people in the world. Travelers are outgoing, charismatic, and mostly quite nice. They want to like and be liked by anyone they meet. The spreading of knowledge, news, and information is at the heart of who they are. This information takes the forms of plays, songs, dances, and stories. Always looking to inform and entertain. The one thing travelers universally hate is a secret they are not allowed to know. The most central tenet to a traveler is knowledge should be had by everyone.

Public Agenda

The agenda of the travelers is quite well known, to spread information where ever they go. The spreading of news from one place to another is the upmost goal of a traveler.


When the Human plague started to spread communication broke down quickly and the rebellion started even quicker. The Fulcrum was an unofficial way for members of the rebellion to communicate between themselves. They would leave notes and markers discussing troop movements and strength. This would slowly give way to the magical system used today. As the rebellion grew less and less secretive the Fulcrum became a way of updating the free cities on how the war was going. This is not the only time the Fulcrum has made history. In later wars travelers would be bribed to act as spies. Bring information about a city's defenses and arms back to an enemy nation. This was most widely used by the Southern Kingdoms.


The Fulcrum has always had relations to the deities. Some deities actively support travelers - like Sudon, Ados, and Marrus - however, there are also deities that work against the Fulcrum and their interest - like Ummera, Vecna, and others. The supporters have always given food and a place to rest to any travelers, while those opposed to the organization will attempt to interfere by sabotage messages or giving false news to be spread.

Foreign Relations

Governments are not always in favor of the Fulcrum. The Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake and Free Gnomish City have very bad opinions of travelers. The Republic and Free City aim to tightly control information within their nation. Within the Free City it is illegal to be travelers. In the Federal Republic it is legal but all news must be told to a member of the High Church of Mayim or a Guildmaster of the Federation of Guilds. The other nations largely are indifferent to the Fulcrum, except the Southern Kingdoms. The Kingdoms actively encourage travelers to come to their lands and spread news.
Current Date - 20th of Heaven's Heat in the Year of Sword and Flower (1493 ce)

News is Worth More

Founding Date
1183 eh
Information Network

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