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Creeping Ambrosia


Creeping Ambrosia is a unique plant that grows from magical energy. It is also known as Wizard's Bane, Spell Eater, or Magic Sponge. Creeping Ambrosia is only able to grow off of things with high magical energy. Most of these plans are found in old forgotten libraries or wizard towers where spellbooks can still be found. Out of these books, the Creeping Ambrosia can start to grow. It absorbs the magical power of the book and spells to feed itself. As it does so the spells start to fade and disappear. By the end of its life, the 

Creeping Ambrosia On a Forgotten Spellbook

spellbooks will be completely empty. A single spellbook can sustain a Creeping Ambrosia plant for over five centuries. The older a Creeping Ambrosia is the more powerful its properties become. Since it absorbs magic from these spellbooks Creeping Ambrosia can be used to make potions or other alchemic reactions more powerful. If a Creeping Ambrosia was on a transmutation spellbook then potions of polymorph will be even stronger if made with the plant. The most sought after forms of this plant are those that grow on healing or necromantic spellbooks. Since these two forms will allow healing potions and reresection potions to be even more powerful. It is said that an Ambrosia Healing Potion can heal someone completely, even if they had lost a whole limb.

Glimmer Dynasty

Under the Magical Protection Act of 722 eh the use of magic or magical items by non-humans became illegal. After its passage, the Royal Security Service (RSS) started to round up wizards and all their belongings for trial. After a wizard was found guilty of illegally practicing magic any spellbooks, magic items, and potions would be seized and given to the Dynasty nasty for use. In preparation for further war and expansion, King Raymond Glimmer ordered that any spellbooks be sent to the West Wall where a Creeping Ambrosia farm was constructed. Mass amounts of the plant were grown and distilled into potions. This was one of the major reasons the Dynasty lasted so long, all of their troops had many different ambrosia level potions on their person. Once the Dynasty lost the West Wall fire was set to the whole Creeping Ambrosia farm and nothing remained of it, or the potions that were made. There are rumors that a stockpile of these potions survived and were sent off as a fallback for the King. Though no one has been able to find where.

The Glimmer Dynasty
Organization | Aug 9, 2022

The former empire of Humanity. The Dynasty is best known for its creation and implementation of the strictest racial caste system ever known. The Dynasty fell in the year 1235 eh. This was largely because the Human Plague and the large scale revolution oc

Federal Republic

In the early years of the Federal Republic Creeping Ambrosia was heavily outlawed. The Republic felt it could not lose any spellbooks or magic to the plant. Inspections of magic shops and libraries were required under the law. Once the Republic expanded more the plant became legal. While there is no official farming of Creeping Ambrosia some artificers and alchemists will grow it in order to make potions. However, with the lack of wizards, it has become incredibly rare to find spellbooks with enough magic to grow the plant. Some groups of adventurers spend months tracking down spellbooks just to spell them to alchemists. Potions made from Creeping Ambrosia are some of the most expensive on the market and are normally bought up by the The High Church of Mayim before anyone else.

Federal Republic of the Glimmering Lake
Organization | Sep 14, 2023

The Federal Republic owns most of the content of Grandos and is seen as the heir to Humanity. They keep many traditions and ways of thinking that the Humans did, including the High Church of Mayim.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
20 Apr, 2021 18:13

This is a very interesting plant, and it sounds terrible for wizards!   I'm wondering why spellbooks have magic. Is it required for them to carry spells? Is it a spill over form the spells written in it? Or does the book just absorb some of the ambiant magic while the wizard is practising around it?

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Master Newrome
New Roman Gamer
20 Apr, 2021 21:04

Hey AmélieIS, it is a mix of the last two. Since spellbooks have arcane ruins, writings, and symbols in them, they hold a small amount of magic inherently. The idea is the same as a spell scroll. Though depending on how old and or used these spellbooks are they also would gather some ambient magic from the wizard's casting. That is why older more used, and therefore a little stronger, spellbooks are worth more to wizards and alchemist.

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