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Purpose / Function

Argynvostholt was originally constructed on the orders of King Jazir Glimmer. He wanted a place where he could take his children to relax and enjoy themselves outside of the stress and busyness of the Glimmering City. Jazir did not want a giant spalling complex that the whole court would travel to but rather a small castle where the royal family and members of council could come to relax. Since then Argynvostholt became the official vacation spot for the Monarch and members of council. Monarchs would come here for a few weeks or a month and then return to the Glimmering City. In 735 eh King Raymond Glimmer would convert the castle into a home for his wife. She would spend most of the year in Argynvostholt and only make occasional appearances back in the Glimmering City. In the final years of the Glimmer Dynasty the King would recall all members from Argynvostholt back to the Glimmering City. This would be the last time anyone used Argynvostholt. In the following years it would be forgotten by many. Neither the Federal Republic of Kingdom of Grandos would use Argynvostholt.


Argynvostholt stayed unaltered for most of its early years. It wasn't until King Raymond Glimmer ordered the castle be renovated that any changes were made. A communication tower was added, as a part of the official magical communication network. There were also some underground renovations to the cellar, though those plans were lost shortly after renovations were completed. At the start of the human plague a graveyard was added to accomidate those who were dyeing whilst at Argynvostholt.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

1228 eh
Founding Date
Fall of 672 eh
Alternative Names
The Winter Castle
Owning Organization


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