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Amber Temple

Purpose / Function

The temple was originally created by an order of good aligned mages called the White Mages (this is not what they were called put their actual name has been lost to time) as a prison for the multiverse's most dangerous people. The White Mages would travel between planes and battle these creatures. Rather than killing the evil creatures these mages would take the souls of the creatures and encase them in amber. Once encased in amber it would be impossible for the evil creatures to escape except by making a deal with a non evil person. The Amber Temple would become the headquarters for these mages during their active years.


After the original mages left darker forces would take over the Amber Temple. The Cult of Vecna would erect statues to him across the temple, and a large central one in the main prayer hall. All former deities and art would be removed and destroyed. Traps and other dangers would also be installed within the temple to prevent people from spying on the cult. Those these deadly additions would be removed shortly there after. This was because the cult realized that they could not make a deal with the trapped entities and needed good people instead.


The temple was originally constructed in 538 eh by the White Mages. The White mages would live and operate out of the Amber Temple until the early 700s eh. This is when the Glimmer Dynasty enacted the Magical Protection Act. It is unclear how many mages were of non human lineage, and therefore could no longer practice magic in the Dynasty, but regardless the order would seal the Amber Temple and shut down shortly after the act took affect. The Amber Temple was left unbothered for years until the Cult of Vecna would find in in the first century of the common era (about 500 years later). The Cult of Vecna would conduct major renovations. Surrounded by some of the most evil creatures known to the multiverse the cult was happy to reside here for a long time. The last time someone was rumored to have gone to the temple, or come from it, was the famous monster hunter Travan. She was rumored to have gone there to seek hidden knowledge regarding Mummies.

Current Date -
The Yet Unnamed Year of 1494 ce

Founding Date
538 eh
Temple / Religious complex
Owning Organization


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