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17th Day, Month of Imar, 210th Year

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"Before we get to the country of Lukuras, one must know how everything the people of this know came to be, yes? Well then, let's get on with it...

The Universe's Beginning

    The universe was created when 2 Elder Gods, Imar and Keas, collided in a great battle. The ensuing chaos left the developing universe in tatters. From the burning embers left behind, Imar, the strongest of the Elder Gods molded and shaped each star in the universe, and scattered them throughout.
Keas, the weaker Elder God, took the molten debris and shattered shards of old worlds, and re-made them, new again. He then gave Imar's newborn stars their own planets and asteroids, filling the universe with life once again.

Our Planet

  For one planet, Imar and Keas came together to create a world between them; a sort of... reconciliation. This planet was built to hold a balance of life and death, light and dark, though that plan did not last, no no.. This world was named Imakas, after the connection of the two gods, and Keas placed it around his favourite system; one with two beautiful stars which orbit each-other in harmony.


  Now, this is where Lukuras comes in. In the frozen north, in the continent of Hoarfrym, Lukuras lay between the icy Hoarym Sea, and the rocky Lukur Mountains. It is a country of trade and wealth, yet the underground networks leak into each and every town, city, and even the seats of power. In the towns and cities of Lukuras, workers, wealthy merchants and travelling scholars trade materials, valuables, and ancient secrets for the right price. In the darker ends of the cities, however, rugged thieves, cold-blooded killers and blooded cultists live in the criminal underworld, and some, the real underworld."

-- Iziir The Scholar

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