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A Kolobok

Written by KoshcheiBessmertnyi

A Kolobok is a construct created out of dough by a person with a modicum of magical talent. It is a round ball of dough (sometimes referred to as a 'bun'), with eyes made out of raisins, currants, or other sweets.   The kolobok moves by rolling, typically at a very fast speed.   Like many other Lukomorye constructs, the kolobok is not a programed being, but is endowed with a spirit of some sort. In this case, the spirit is one of a jokester who taunts others and can recite very hurtful verses (usually dealing with a person's unattractiveness, stupidity, and inability to catch the kolobok). It can also deliver messages.   The Yokels encountered a kolobok after unsuccessfully trying to see Katarina. The young girl sent the bun to deliver a message to them. After Annar (unsuccessfully) tried to kick it, it insulted him, causing him to wander away. The hurt may have been more than the volot let on, as he never rejoined his companions.   It is not clear what happened to the kolobok afterwards.
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Created by Katarina Borisovna

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