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Loins of Worship

"[...]an offering of hallowed venison: from back of Ouseltomex's ownly actaeon given from the prayers of yearning[...]"

Manufacturing process

Seasoned members of the Oneiritheist clergy are responsible for the preparation of this meal. Prior to the flesh, a serving of bread rolls is to be made. Simple wheat grains are used for this bread as they provide an earthly finisher from the main dish. Despite having conventional heating ovens, this bread is still baked using traditional outdoors solar-powered ovens which reflect light and heat from the heavenly body. This step takes the longest at around eight to ten hours depending upon conditions. Most recommend having this step done in advance to the actual Loin of Worship dish itself.


For the loin, members with ten to twenty years of experience initiate the meat by selecting a sacramental adult actaeon that has been deemed shapely and healthy for consumption. A preparatory ritual is performed involving the selected beast being induced into slumber before slaughter. This sends its soul back onto the body of Ouseltomex as gratitude for providing nourishment to the chimeras. With the sacrament asleep, a member of the clergy must cut a deep gash into its neck using a dagger. Flowing blood is gathered in vats, some of which will be used for the main dish.


Once the cervine is given its final rest, the loin is cut and cleansed. A clergy member of less than ten years experience provides a mild tendering to further soften the meat. A metal skillet is heated on the stovetop with a small dredge of plant-based oil (chef’s choice). An appropriate amount of the blood is poured into a bowl and allowed 10 to 20 minutes to coagulate into a soft, curdlike form. Before the meat can be cooked, small cubes of the blood are given a light saute on the skillet. Doing so is believed to help infuse the loin with the essence of its original body. If desired, the marrow of an actaeon will be roasted in an oven along with the loin, but this is entirely optional.


With the blood given its light crisp, the main dish will follow soon with a vigorous toss of oil. As the meat cooks, an application of cyllidic pepper flakes, a fruit known for its soft heat and lingering sweetness, adds the essence of passion and desire to the ceremony. A rare cook is preferred, but medium-rare will work just fine. Oft-desired results are that of juicy, pink, and evenly seasoned strips of three or five. Now the dish can be assembled.


First and most crucial to go on the plate is the loin. Each strip is laid close to each other. On top of these, the crisped chunks of blood will lay, and the optional bone marrow on the outer edges of the dish. A fresh garnish to symbolize the flora of Ouseltomex’s making follow in the same way as the blood. Goblets of ale are poured, one for the elder and one for the chimera to be ordained. To finish all preparations, the elder, whose years will likely exceed 70, will throw two dashes of the viridian salt. This act symbolizes Ouseltomex’s opening Cir eyes with tears, just as the eldest of chimeras begin to see said eyes open the closer they reach death. In the final moments of the inauguration, the soon-to-be ordained will kneel in prayer as the elder blesses both they and the food. Proper ordainment can begin.


Using only their hands, the new member will eat the tower of loin, blood, and garnish all at once. Given to their taste buds, a collage of warm, hot, and fresh sensations melt together in the tender givings of loin and blood. Elements of life, blessing, and earthiness come to form in this hallowed subsumption. After swallowing their first strip, the new Oneiridhys is to hand-feed the next strip to their elder. For the wizened one, the dish should trigger all forms of nostalgia to provide an ample moment to reflect upon their life. The feast continues in the same order until all of the meat and blood (and marrow) are consumed. To conclude, the two will give cheers and blessings of Ouseltomex as they finish the palate-cleansing bread. A wash of ale closes the ceremony, and a new member of the holy dreamscapers is made.


A symbol of the process by which members become officially ordained into the Oneiritheist clergy.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink
Reserved only for inauguration of religious figures.
0.8 to 1.3 kilograms per serving
Raw materials & Components
An entree dish composed of at least 0.7 kilograms of actaeon tenderloin, ~80 milliliters of actaeon blood, actaeon bone marrow (optional), sun-baked bread rolls, cyllidic pepper flakes, plant-based oil, sprigs of select garnish, viridian salt, and ceremonial spirits.
Radiation-heated skillet, solar-powered exterior oven, butcher's knife.

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