Beyond Comprehension

Magic is the act of manipulating Energy in order to harness its effects within the universe. Magic is broken into two different categories of practices; Werking - the instantanious acts of magic that harness the Willpower within a living being to catalyze magical reactions, & Rituals - extensive & particular processes that use the laws of the universe & often harness Energy from a Source / Fontis.  

Magical Catalysis & Reactions

When brought into a Worldly plane, Energy is broken down into its fundamental parts by the laws of the universe. The process of breaking down magical Energy is understood as a function of catalysis, where the information in the energy is changed or separated into descendant parts; the process of building up magical Energy is understood as a function of reactivity, where two energies which meet merge information & become a new form of Energy.   This process is the basis of all magic and forms the base of all arcane research throughout all universes.

Magical Items

Magical items are those which for some reason store, attract, or interact with Energy in a multitude of different ways & range in their complexity, uses & capability by a wide degree from magical kinetic sculptures to a magical loom that weaves magical garments without an operator or a scroll that creates a portal to another world.   These items are generally sorted into three categories:
  • Magitek - items intentionally designed to harness the arcane in a functional manner.
  • Relics - items that, through design or coincidence, contain the Memories of a previous owner.
  • Source / fontis - items that generate, store or otherwise convert energy from the world into a usable alternative to Willpower.
And further categorized by their Ascension.

The Arcane

A dimension beyond time, The Veil is an arcane plane only accessible by highly energetic existences & Lesser Arcana or Greater Arcana, as well as Ascendant creatures.   The origin of all Energy and Shapes, The Veil serves as a kind of 'blank canvas', filled with nothing but Pure Energy & Pure Shape.


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