Luchair: Earth Beyond the Veil

Friday, November 09, 2020

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Writers Team

It’s been a long time since Kindred first fell through The Veil, bringing Magic into Earth, and where Humanity were once fearful & misunderstanding of their kind, now they have come around to them – for the most part.   The Nobiliary, a consular government that sprung up from an agreement between 5 old-world nobility & 7 new-world faction elects, represents the proud but bruised remnants of a war-weary & time-worn civilization finding its legs once more. Now, after years of partial isolation, they have opened the gates of their new Havens to the world, calling the trust of their people into question & opening their peace to new threats.   In the background, factions vie for influence in this new government & over their Kindred brethren – playing a game that, unbeknownst to them, is tied with strings played by Ancient & Ascendant forces.

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