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Taigo the Wealthy

King Taigo the Wealthy

Taigo the Wealthy was the fifth King of Panïka and the eldest child of Heypa the Advocate and Winda the Charitable. His reign lasted from 60 ET to 73 ET. He was preceded by his uncle, Rayo the Paladin, and succeeded by his brother, Copu the Cunning.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Taigo was born to Heypa the Advocate and Winda the Charitable in Deon in the year 31 ET. Four years later, his younger brother, Copu the Cunning was born. Taigo began his education under Käka the Corrupt, the official scholar of Panïka. Käka tried to use Taigo for power, but Taigo was obedient to his benevolent parents and never strayed from the path of good (he was also a little ignorant and didn't realise his tutor was evil). In 60 ET, the king, Rayo the Paladin died. Rayo was childless and so his sister's eldest son, Taigo, took to the throne. Having inherited all the gold from his predecessor, who had inherited it all from his own brother, Nhamba the Traveler, who died two years earlier, Taigo was incredibly rich. During his tenure, he adapted the trade system common in Panïka at the time to an organised currency. In 73 ET, his brother Copu arranged a coup d'état and killed Taigo in order to become king.


He was educated by Käka the Corrupt from 36 ET to 51 ET. He studied for 15 years, as all educated people did.

Wealth & Financial state

His wealth was his defining feature. Most of it was received from his uncle Nhamba the Traveler and his other uncle and predecessor, Rayo the Paladin. His title of "the wealthy" also came from how he revamped the monetary system of Panïka.

Lawful Neutral
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Panïka, the Wealthy
31 ET 73 ET 42 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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