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Sörel the Strategist

King Sorel (a.k.a. the Strategist)

Sörel the Strategist was the third king of Panïka.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sörel was born in the city of Deon to Mikos the Shielded and his wife, Sana, who died in childbirth. His father made sure he grew up well-educated, sending him to be taught by the best scholar in Panïka, Redyo the Reverent.   When Sörel was only 23, the king of Panïka at the time, Këso the Maniac, had his entire army (including him) killed at the Battle of the Maniac. Këso had left no heirs to the throne of Panïka, (as far as was known at the time) so Këso's wife, Rämba the Widow, held a competition. The scholar Redyo had set up a very difficult puzzle, and Rämba declared that anyone who could solve the puzzle would be declared king of Panïka. Almost everybody in Panïka tried and failed, except Sörel. Sörel, although young, solved the problem with ease, and was declared the new king of Panïka.   In honour of his success, the Panïkan people built a great tower called the Emerald Tower, which became the basis for the year 0 in the Grigoan Calendar. He immediately implemented methods of improving Panïka's society. He had sewers built beneath the ground, rebuilt the metaphorical bridge between Panïka and Leysh and established a national navy for transcontinental exploration, founding the city of Mamai as its base. He tried to make Panïka more of a democracy. He integrated the people of Shesta into Panïkan society after they were conquered and enslaved by Torïs the Barbarian.   He married a childhood friend, Tetra the Fair. They had three children together: Winda the Charitable, born in 3 ET, Rayo the Paladin, born in 5 ET and Nhamba the Traveler, born in 8 ET.   In 19 ET, Panïka was attacked by Mori the Bastard, Këso's illegitimate heir, in the Battle of the Bastard . Sörel won, and remained as king.   He died of disease in 38 ET, to be succeeded by his eldest son, Rayo the Paladin.


Sörel spent fifteen years of his life studying under the guidance of Redyo the Scholar, from 18 BET to 3 BET.


After Sörel finished his study, he went to work with his father, Micos, transporting goods from Panïka to Leysh. After Këso went and attacked Leysh, the neighbouring kingdom cut all connections with Panïka, Micos was put out of business. Both Sörel and Micos were unemployed until Sörel became king of Panïka, and Micos was made general of the army.

Personality Characteristics


Sörel wants to bring glory to Panïka, but not by force as his predecessors did, but diplomatically. Force only if necessary.


Religious Views

Sörel worships Meanda, as all Panïka's people do, the Meandare being the native religion.

Wealth & Financial state

As ruler, Sörel has the most wealth of all in Panïka, but he only uses it for himself where necessary. Most of the money goes towards making the city better.   He gets his money from taxes.

Lawful Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Panïka
23 BET 38 ET 61 years old
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Related Myths
Known Languages
Sörel is fluent in Panïsya, having lived in Panïka all his life. He was taught the languages from Panïka's neighbouring kingdoms such as Leyshan and the languages from the Panïka territories such as Shestai.
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Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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