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Spell of Vitality

The Spell of Vitality is an Enchantment spell of Life Magic.


Light Intensity

The entity affected will be somewhat resistant to external forces. It would last twice as long as it usually will.

Medium Intensity

The entity affected will not be able to be inflicted with visible wounds.

Heavy Intensity

Nothing can touch the entity affected, or they will be flung back by an unseeable force.

Extreme Intensity

The entity is functionally immortal. Nothing can destroy it, regardless of power.

Side/Secondary Effects

This spell can be used on objects or living organisms. With cases of people trying to make themselves immortal, the toll taken by the two years spent casting can kill them before they get the chance, making the entire thing completely useless.


Like all spells, this magic is drawn from the users own innate power.   It occurs naturally in nature.


The spell was first seen by the emerald which sat at the peak of Emerald Tower, protecting the monument from harm.

Related Deity/Higher Power
Material Components
Emeralds generally have vitality spells kept within them somehow.
Related School
Life Magic
Effect Duration
1 hour and 40 minutes for light spells, 1 week for medium spells, 2 years for hard spells and forever for extreme spells
Effect Casting Time
1 minute for light spells, 1 hour and 40 minutes for medium spells, 1 week for hard spells and 2 years for extreme spells
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2 Dec, 2018 09:22

The extreme version sounds incredible! Has anyone managed to achieve it before?

2 Dec, 2018 20:08

See Side/Secondary Effects for details about cases of that type. Thanks for the comment anyhow!