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Redyo the Reverent

Scholar Redyo the Reverent

Redyo the Reverent was the first official scholar of Panïka, and is known to have educated at least four members of the royal family.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Redyo was born to the nomadic tribe which preceded the Panïkans in 58 BET. He lived with them in constant migration until 37 BET (when he was 21), when Torïs the Barbarian came to power. Not realising that Torïs was an ignorant bastard, Redyo offered up his services to the king, but Torïs preferred brawn over brain and impolitely declined. So Redyo continued studying, until 23 BET (when he was 35), when he took up a student called Sörel the Strategist. Sörel was 5 years old at this time (the age that would later become the standard age for beginning education) and stayed with Redyo to study until 3 BET (when Redyo was 50). After Këso the Maniac died in the Battle of the Maniac, the queen, Rämba the Widow went to Redyo for help in choosing an heir. Redyo created a board game, Yembo, and stated that whoever could beat him in this game would be the next king of Panïka. His own student, Sörel, managed to defeat him (earning him the epithet "the Strategist") and became king. Redyo would educate several more people over the years, including Sörel's children, Winda the Charitable, Rayo the Paladin and Nhamba the Traveler. One of his brightest students, Käka the Corrupt stayed after finishing his education to aid Redyo. Redyo died in 28 ET at 76, likely of old age, but it's also believed that he was poisoned by his apprentice.


Redyo was a very intelligent child, observant of the world around him. He wrote several books of natural philosophy and logic when he was growing up, as even the wisest adults preferred to follow the faith than to study the truth.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Redyo is credited with the authorship of several books, including "The World's Components", "A Panïsyan Grammar", and a nameless unfinished book about mathematics.   He also is said to have created Yembo in order to find Sörel worthy as king.

Lawful Good
Current Location
-58 - 28 (Died 86 years old)
Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
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