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Festival of Sogi

The Festival of Sogi is a festival celebrating the Lormist goddess, Sogi.


The festival used to use oxen as the hunted animal, as boars were already wild animals and would cause confusion. But eventually, the wild boars in most of Lorm went extinct, and domesticated boars to kill became the new norm.


From birth, a boar is raised by a local farmer to be released into the wild during this festival for the purpose of being hunted down as a competition among hunters (and others, if they would like to participate). Whoever inflicts the fatal wound will be given the hide of the boar. The winner would wear the hide as a symbol of success, and any hunter with a boar's hide was revered amongst hunters.


The farmer who raises the boar is important, the boar which is hunted is important and the hunters which kill the boar are important.


The festival happens every year from the 1st of Pame to the 13th of Pame according to the Grigoan Calendar. It is the first festival of the Lorm year.

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