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Battle of the Maniac

The Battle of the Maniac was a battle between Panïka and Leysh, named after its instigator, Këso the Maniac

The Conflict


Panïka and Leysh were, in fact, very peaceful amongst each other before the battle began. It is said that Këso went crazy with power after conquering Shesta and became delusional enough to think he could take on Leysh, which was known to have one of the greatest defensive armies on the continent.


Këso, seeing his army as invincible, attacked in one great crowd, instead of in any strategic way. The king of Leysh, Elto Bransic, was much more intelligent in how he did things. He sent in his defensive warriors first, followed by a few cavalry warriors to take on the Panïka up close. He had an array of ranged warriors to take down the warriors one by one.


Most of the battle took place outside of the walls of Leysh. Some of Këso's warriors, including Këso, managed to get past the walls and into the city borders, terrorising people.


Panïka was left without a king for some time. Elto's daughter, Dela Bransic, had been raped and impregnated by Këso.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ending Date
Conflict Result
The armies of Leysh killed the entire Këso army



Around 200 warriors, all trained equally.
50 defensive warriors, 20 cavalry warriors and 100 ranged warriors.


The entire army was killed.
Around half of the defensive warriors were killed, five of the cavalry warriors and none of the ranged rarriors. 30 casualties in total.


To conquer Leysh.
To protect their city from being conquered.

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