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Ballad of Sörel

It was a dark time, before the emerald tower. Torïs had no mercy, Këso had no sense. All the little people thought that all was lost. The Maniac went wild and attacked a good friend. He gave away all, even his life. He had no heir, and the throne of Panïka was empty. A competition was made to find a great ruler. A riddle which the Reverent deemed unsolvable. From there where no one would expect arose an unlikely hero. The son of some trader person, with no claim to the throne. He found a solution to the unsolvable and was given a kingdom. But he did not shy away, as he was so brave. He made peace with the Leyshans, those who we betrayed. He brought in the Shesta, expanding our empire. He built a great tower, which brought us glory. He topped it with an emerald, sent down from our god. He is all we were missing, our beloved Strategist. Goodbye.

This ballad was written by Pezlo the Bard in the year 38 ET. It is about Sörel the Strategist and was famously read at his funeral. It sounds much better in Panïsya.   This poem says that Sörel was the one to conquer Shesta, which some historians disagree with.


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