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Krovum Ironbone

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Krovum is one of the High Priests of the Creator's Advocates in Montis and the most politcal active of the group. He represents them in the Council of Montis, which makes him one of the most influencial persons in the city.  


Krovum was born in the City of Montis and spend his whole life there. His father was a member of the Creator's Advocates as was his Grandfather and Great Grandfather. He activly joined the order when he was 80 years old and worked his way up the rank. Through his faith and skill in crafting he ascended to the rank High Priest roughly 20 years back. Since then he is activly guiding the order to protect the city and its citizens.  


Krovum wants to uphold the old values of his order, while simultainisly moving it forward in time. He is protecting the city to the best of his abilities, and tries to guide the decisions of the Council of Montis and the Protector of the Mountain towards, what he thinks his best for its citizens. Even if he is a busy man, he tries to have an ear for those who need help.
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